a) Adult-Song.

I mean I loved her, you know?  


Maybe she hated herself.

Maybe she hated her life, her past, the visions of her future

or maybe not even at all.


And is it  important to seem „right“ ? 


Isn’t it important to be able to reflect ourselves and to be able to talk about this stuff and to recognize when we are “ wrong“?


We should have talk.

Yeah, we should have.


But instead we kept  hiding our honest and deepest thoughts.

Could this be wrong? I should have asked her more question. Maybe the simple ones.


I didn´t know if she felt lonely sometimes, if she was happy or never at all.
I didn’t´t know if she had goals, dreams, interests, bad or good feelings about herself or nothing

or maybe both. 

But eyes never lie, you know?

I guess I should call this modern communication but I just call it „the-adult-song“.      A modern way of communication that doesn’t seem honest anymore.


So I didn´t know about her feelings. Didn’t know about her thoughts. I should have asked her more questions. Maybe the simple ones. 






Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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