a letter, dedicated to my beloved grandmother, dimitra.

she was a woman with own principals.

A woman with pride.

A woman with big effect on my personal life.

A woman who cared.

A woman who shared.

I´ll make sure to keep our stories alive.

I loved to see you smile.

Sometimes I would put on your fat glasses , granny glasses, so you would laugh.

You loved my sense of humor.

I loved to make you laugh.

What I found in you, was trust.

I love the way you looked at me.

I remember that day, I threw you out of our apparment.

I was 3 years old.

You left.

And I was running to the window in the living room.

I opened the window and saw you walking down the street.

I was screaming „please come back“

I gave you my promise to share with you, all I have.

As a grown up, we were sitting on a table at the beach and I started asking you questions about your past.

I was 26 years old when you told me for the first time, about how you lost your twin brother in the early age.

You were very strong. You seemed so fragile. You were a sad and tired woman.

But you had these stories to tell. And you kept your promises.

I wished I could say „It is okay to know you are dead because you were old and ready to leave“ but it is hard for me to accept, that I won´t be able to hug you ever again.

Not able to sit on your balcony with you again.

You would ask „what about men? do want to marry one day? „

I told you „I would travel the world and find a open minded man.“  (Don´t know if I meant it but knew it would calm your anixiety down so..)

I knew it would be the last time to tell you the truth.

So I made it short, I smiled and I looked into your green tired eyes, to tell you, I will keep your name in honor. And that I loved you like my mother.

„You rised above all.

You`ll rise above this world.“ 






Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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