in order to write I need to isolate myself for a while. I need silence.

i confront myself with the highest.

i leave people who can not accept me as an artist.

they interrupt i explain it.

i can not waste my energy by letting other humans irritate me


i need space.

i protect my mindset.

i create.

i write.

i think.

i reflect.

i explore.

i read.

i don´t waste my energy on everyday problems. (that is to old)

i don´t waste my energy on searching for someone to hold on.

you know what i mean?

i am here to observe the truth.

i am here to understand, to see, to know.

i become my most creative self.

i follow my higher intuition.

therefor i leave people i love, too. (that is the other part of being me)

it hurts to be me and at the same time it is my gift.

people i love, won´t understand what i do.

they think i am crazy.

but it´s okay.

they won´t understand me as an artist.

germany is not the mother country of me as an artist. (not yet)

therefore i need to learn to forgive. (really fast)

i need a pieceful state of mind.

i decide. (quite fast)

they are getting mad with me for what i am, sometimes. 

but i decide.

some love me and feel protected by my presence.

some adore me for who i am and what i say.

there is a moment of silence, when I earn all of your respect.

they are getting mad with me, for choosing myself higher self

i leave. all over again (…)

they try to find ways to blame me for what I´m not.

they try to get my attention in a negative way. (that is too old)

„No problem, I see you´re mad. not with me. with what you can not have.“

i stay focused.

you can not change me.

i am what i am.

accept me or leave me. 

you will loose the fight you start with me, all over again.

you forgot, yourself.

don´t focus on me.

you can not lie to me.

my third eye is growing and i feel and understand you before you even try to judge or talk to me.

i will always protect my creativity.

like others protect their own children, like others protect their money.

i am here to experience and share my knowledge.

i am growing and growing.

my spirit is loving.

my spirit is radical.

not affraid of anybody. (i go get it)

(watch your back as a creative genius, they won´t understand you)

your best friends adore you.

the next day they tryna dash you.


my father is proud of me.

my mother is affraid of loosing me.

i return after 7 years and i see them smile.

they open their arms.

„please stay for a while.“

Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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