I want to say thank you, Ma.

For making it possible for me to choose, the creative path and my own way of  personal spiritual, freedom.

Ma, you raised me as free as possible.

There have been many times you have been concerned of loosing me.

I forgive you and myself for all we have blamed each other, for all the pain we caused eachother and judgment, in the past.

I choose a new way of living, that caused you pain and uncertainty, to many times.

I am the first artist of the family.

I broke traditions.

But today I know it has been my way, a hard way full of tears, discipline, nerve – racking, breakdowns, full of delivery, full of mystical moments, full of wealth, full of love.

I was able to find my truth and to realize who I am and what I was born for.

I always had and have your back.

And you´ll always got mine.

You made sure I would reach out for more knowledge.

You made sure I would fight to become independent and find what I truely love.

You made sure I would become a fair and honest, authentic person.

You made sure I would speak out, from my heart.

You made sure I would always remember my relatives and the struggle they have been through in their past, to make it possible for me, to experience a new life full of realiziation, full of appreciation, full of gratitude.

I will always love you and appreciate you for guarding me through my passionate, dedicatet, painful, holy creative path.




Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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