I hear people saying „you got to decide and focus on one.“

„I don´t.“

I am expressing myself.

I don´t need to decide.

I am creative and if I choose to explore 6 things at the same time, I do.

I am changing, growing, developing, creating – therefore I use different „tools“.

I am free.

I do what I want.

I obtain – I give.

I share.

I create and explore, I write, I sing.

I create self portraits and it heals.

I take shots if I feel like it, I paint if I want.

I meditate, I pray.

I perform behind and infront of my camera and there is so much more to discover.

I won´t decide.

I live.

And I focus on creative freedom.


Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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