radical growth.

it is so easy to say yes,

it´s hard to say no.

it´s easy to judge,

so easy to blame.

it´s hard to trust,

it´s hard to believe,

it´s hard to choose risks.

give your best , expect less.

be honest with you, do what you do.

trust in your visions.

let go of what doesn´t belong to you.

it´s easy to live a routine life,

it´s easier to lie,

 so easy to destroy,

it´s harder to built

it´s easy to give up, so easy to hate,

it´s hard to continue in faith,

it´s easy to judge,

it´s hard to stay real,

it´s easy to talk,

it´s hard to listen,

it´s hard to love,

it´s hard to forgive,

 so open up ,

it´s hard to trust

but that´s how you grow. 

choose the hard way.



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