no end but new beginnings.

creative work heals.

life is a collection of experiences.

free your mind.


read books, visit a museum, empower others with loving, supportive words, by acknowledging, by accepting their unique beauty.

fell in love with your imperfections.

be grateful for what you already have.

apologize to your body.

buy yourself flowers.

take a long walk and focus on your surroundings.

success means „i love what i do“.

self acceptance means „i allow myself to be my honest self and i respect the person i am.“

decide for yourself.

choose purposely what you want to focus on.

what you focus on becomes reality.

passionate love is the highest form of art.

accept your feelings in order to let go.

negative thoughts cause stress – change your perspectives.

be aware of your thoughts.

stop running away – confront yourself and learn.

focus on your thoughts, request your negative interpretations.

love is stronger than pride.

focus on good intensions.

do more things you are affraid of.

learn from your own mistakes.

forgive yourself.

respect yourself and others.

enjoy the presence.

use your time wisely.

choose hell or choose heaven.

choose the perspective of fear or choose the perspective of love & acceptance.

happiness is a decision.

set your own boundaries.

develop your skills.

stop complaining, focus on solutions, solve the problem, fell in love with the problem.

know your fears.

use your gifts and bring together your talents.

allow yourself to learn, request, grow.

share your experiences.

be honest to yourself.

stay grounded.

be your own friend.

accept your higher self.

be patient – discipline pays off.


Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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