the journey of soul.

So what changed?

„I stopped being ignorant.“

„I started listening to my inner self.“

„I acknowledged my anger and disappointment came from a hurtful, inner, deeper place.“

„I realized how powerful words are and understood that words destroy or heal.“

„So if I had to decide , to continue being that person who does not care at all or that person that is willing to learn, willing to open up and listen, able to give back to people who struggle or going to struggle the same , I´d always choose the second.“

sad girl(s) don´t cry.

i was pretty, i was silent, i had brown long hair and i remember people back then, attacked me verbal and physically.

i was pretty, i was sad, i was mad and kept it mostly to myself.

a teacher cold me „Lolita“ one day.

old, disgusting, man.

once he hit me.

another teacher was touching my hair.

since I told him to not ever touch me again.

he got mad and started treating me differently.

started yelling at me in front of everyone.

another teacher pulled my hair.

another teacher called me stupid.

and i was born in 1990.

we must change something about the way we communicate.

this time prepared me to become the person i am today.

and i say,

we must change the way we teach.

we must do better.

we must change the way we treat our kids.

we must change and motivate, we must do better.

we need to encourage kids to stand up and speak their mind.

we need to respect girls the same way as we respect boys.

i was tired of frustrated adults.

your judgment was mean.

back then i wished i was ugly.

so maybe someone would listen, to what I really got to say.

strong women, feared by you.

who would you be without your pride?

I care about you.

but decided I want to be surrounded by people who are not affraid to love me for who I am.

not affraid of me being to much, to loud, to bold and pretty or to wild.

your pride is standing in the way of our destiny.

you are affraid, I could hurt you.

you are affraid of a powerful woman.

you want to see me falling down.

you made me feel insecure about myself

and i did not even expect anything from you

so maybe that was my fault.

are you aware of your own thoughts?

are you listening?

how does it feel to ignore yourself?

i know how it feels to be ignored by you.

i can`t reach you.

strong women are fragile, too.

strong women are feared of men, men like you.

like for strong women, it is meant to be more challenging.

all my life I felt alone,

till I found my deepest voice.

back then when i was a child, i heard myself thinking „one day I´ll grow and I decide“.

love is not meant to be pretty,

love is brutally, honest.

so why is honesty considered hurtful?

I never meant to hurt you,

and I can´t let you down.

Note(s) by Marianne W.

For when we hold a person deeply in our hearts, we hold their darkness as well as their light.

We must accept both faces.

Intimacy is depth of learning.

Intimacy means that we are naked and free.

Intimacy means we´re safe enough to reveal the truth in all it´s creative chaos.

Having negative emotions does not make us bad.

Feelings need to be accepted as they are. (Chance to heal)

In the presence of light and non jugdemental listening – all truth moves on to a higher level.



meine beste Freundin schrieb :

„das ist wirklich das was einen Künstler ausmacht, denn er versinkt in seiner Welt und in seiner Leidenschaft, so das er gar nicht selbst bemerkt, dass er auch andere mitreißt. Du machst das alles für dich und das ist das besondere an der Kunst… du kriechst niemandem in den Arsch. Du verkaufst deine Seele nicht. Du bleibst bei dir. In deiner eigenen Welt. Ich wünschte mir so sehr vom Herzen, dass das jeder erkennt.“