mindful, meaningful – moments.

I won´t beg you to listen.

I won´t beg you to stay.

I won´t beg you to return.

I won´t.

I don´t expect anything from you.

It was your decision to ignore what we build, what we had, what we´ve been for each other, what we gave each other – you´ve been my longtime friend.

I will always remember you and I am not sad, not even mad.

And time will past and maybe one day you´ll understand.

That I am free.

Not scared to tell you the truth.

Not scared to tell you how I feel.

I don´t want your sympathy.

I offer you the truth.

We know that just an honest conversation between us two would bring us clarity.

So, this is about honesty.

And honesty is an expensive gift.





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