sad girl(s) don´t cry.

i was pretty, i was silent, i had brown long hair and i remember people back then, attacked me verbal and physically.

i was pretty, i was sad, i was mad and kept it mostly to myself.

a teacher cold me „Lolita“ one day.

old, disgusting, man.

once he hit me.

another teacher was touching my hair.

since I told him to not ever touch me again.

he got mad and started treating me differently.

started yelling at me in front of everyone.

another teacher pulled my hair.

another teacher called me stupid.

and i was born in 1990.

we must change something about the way we communicate.

this time prepared me to become the person i am today.

and i say,

we must change the way we teach.

we must do better.

we must change the way we treat our kids.

we must change and motivate, we must do better.

we need to encourage kids to stand up and speak their mind.

we need to respect girls the same way as we respect boys.

i was tired of frustrated adults.

your judgment was mean.

back then i wished i was ugly.

so maybe someone would listen, to what I really got to say.

Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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