strong women, feared by you.

who would you be without your pride?

I care about you.

but decided I want to be surrounded by people who are not affraid to love me for who I am.

not affraid of me being to much, to loud, to bold and pretty or to wild.

your pride is standing in the way of our destiny.

you are affraid, I could hurt you.

you are affraid of a powerful woman.

you want to see me falling down.

you made me feel insecure about myself

and i did not even expect anything from you

so maybe that was my fault.

are you aware of your own thoughts?

are you listening?

how does it feel to ignore yourself?

i know how it feels to be ignored by you.

i can`t reach you.

strong women are fragile, too.

strong women are feared of men, men like you.

like for strong women, it is meant to be more challenging.

all my life I felt alone,

till I found my deepest voice.

back then when i was a child, i heard myself thinking „one day I´ll grow and I decide“.

love is not meant to be pretty,

love is brutally, honest.

so why is honesty considered hurtful?

I never meant to hurt you,

and I can´t let you down.

Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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