visuals and words for your soul.

My visuals, my words touches souls.

I wanted people to understand, that we all fear and feel the same.

I want you to know that death and love is a paradox part of our human experiences.

As you die, you return to yourself – and every reborn burns again. 

But remember, while falling another door opens – the door to your soul – your soul knows what it means to be wounded – allow your soul to raise above the pain, by feeling what you feel and by not rejecting it.

Above all hate that others projected on you –  believe that – something higher is leading you to love and find your own voice and that something higher will make it possible for you to survive in this world.

We are stronger than we think, we are bigger than others made us believe, we are a part of the whole.

Sometimes it is hard to accept this fact but this is the truth.

And the truth is always both, but the truth sets us free.

We all experience hate and pain.

This is our journey of humanity.

You are not alone.

We are all on the same page and to know that – the stranger sitting next to you went through hurtful times, too – is when you understand the power you have to speak and say something that another person could save his / her life or motivate him / her to return to himself / herself.

By empowering others, you empower yourself.

If I touch you, you touch me and if my work,  the message of my vision, the words of my wisdom, touched your soul, then I know you returned to your own soul and even if I made you cry – you are showing me, that you´re now willing to clear things up for yourself.

Ready to reflect yourself.
Ready to heal. Ready to be your honest self.

Ready to grow spiritual. 

Wherever you are now, your are not your circumstances. (I ´ve read this sentences from another writer and it helped me move forward back then )

We are all on the same page. (that´s what Jay – Z once said in an interview – love this sentence )

Sometimes I cry, if I think about another girl, another young woman, another young man, that is going through experiences that hurts his or her soul.

I am sorry for my nephew already, being born in a world, where boys are not allowed to cry, where boys feel the pressure of earning all that money, where men are not allowed to show sensitivity. But at the same time, he got us willing to protect him and love him as passionate as possible to lead him in a world full of trumps.

Men been hurt different than women, but this is our human experience and it is up to him / her, which way to choose and how to survive in a world full of hurtful , paradox and sick people, full of caring people who try their best to change something for better,  but mostly unaware people.

All I can do is „giving him / her the information I have, giving him / her the wisdom he / she needs, motivating him by saying – you are unique and you can and by making sure –  the next generation grows up with an knowledge that we did not have in a time where parents would not reflect themselves , not have any time, where teacher would not motivate you, by telling you „you can not“ or by as my aunt would talk to me „you are a piece of shit“. 

„this hoe has been hurt the same way as she tried to destroy me.“

Hurt people – hurt people and fear people.

They don´t change anything. They make worse decissions. They use hurtful words.

Strong people – fight for better. Strong people change. Strong people read the books and study for themselves even if 100 people keep telling them to choose another way – strong people fight.

Human Nature , influenced by the pain of our history, that another person made hurt another, the soul being repressed from another, the wars caused by powerful man, wars that made us fear of differences and show us that human are able to destroy in a way that not even the worst animal could and would.

What is the opposite of war ?




I hope you find a way to heal and I want you to take all your strength to open up and talk about your experience, a way to use your story in a creative way.

I hope this finds you and motivates you to become more aware – of your own kid, your nephew, your niece, your neighbours, even strangers and look at them – with innocent new eyes. 

Your best friend, your husband, your sister.

I also hope you are not affraid to hit back if someone attacks you, by leaving if necessary, by saying the right words, by talking your truth , not just accepting, you are not a victim, you can become that hero by alllowing your story to lead you and teach you.

By setting your boundaries and bye breaking free, by expressing yourself in a way that you are sometimes affraid of to do. By choosing yourself, time for time, by choosing your dreams instead of believing anybody`s low sentence „you can not“.



Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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