every place is the right place

you are excactly where you should be, right now.

stop looking for recognition in other people.

you are not special, we are not special, if we die, the world goes on without us. and that´s the way it goes.

this is the truth.

you are excactly where you should be, right now, is the right place for you.

you have enough, we have enough. there is nothing more to add.

stop being in need of this… in need of that. stop being in need of something, just hold on and look what you already have…

i woke up this morning and said „thank you“ …

and i stopped comparing myself to other people … i stopped comparing myself to other people.

i am my original self, this is my jounrey, this is my experience, i am focusing on spiritual growth.

i want to become aware, everyday.

i want to be a reflected person.

i am neither a good person, neither a bad.

i don´t call myself perfect, i am human.

we are human.

our minds are filled with negative words.

we should learn to focus on „how to get rid of these words we are calling ourselves first“

we all experienced traumas…

our minds , our egos can be toxic to ourselves … to others …

everyone has an ego.

we are human.

i don´t want to compare myself to anybody, i want to express my authentic self …

sometimes i feel like i am enough for myself and sometimes i become aware of my own judgmental thinking…

we are all scared.

everyone fails, this is so natural.

especially successful people.

take risks.

don´t be afraid of risks.

and i should stop telling myself that „i am not enough because of this because of that … it sucks … it is not necessary … to keep telling myself that i am this and that, i don´t want to judge myself anymore…  i want to forgive myself … forgive my ego… forgive others… my soul is powerful …. and my soul wants to grow …. and some people in my life have a big problem with my decissions. some people in my family don´t really support me on my spiritual journey… some friends i had to let go… it is not easy and life is not fair … that´s the truth. life is not fair. life won´t give you what you need. this is not the concept of life. it is a spiritual journey filled with obstacles.

i want joy. step by step.

all my life i felt depressed. all my life i was surrounded by depressed, hurt people who decide to continue hurting each other… people who keep lying to themselves.

i want joy.

i want to be honest with myself.

i want to respect myself.

i want to be proud of myself.

i want to do my best.

i want to learn everyday.

i am not perfect.

i am not everybody´s darling.

but i love myself.

i forgive myself.

i am neither good or bad, i am human.

i said „thank you“ …

i woke up this morning and said „thank you“ …

„1 more day to explore, 1 more day to experience some more, to look at persons I might see for the last time, I mean who knows? I don´t. You don´t. I don´t take my life for granted. I don´t. Do you? 1 more day to reflect myself and my own decisions, 1 more day to look at this beautiful chaos, 1 more day to become silent and listen, 1 more day to write, 1 more day to smile at another person, 1 more day to speak empowering words, 1 more day…“

i choose risk because it feels good.

i look at life and keep thinking „what an intelligent concept“

i don´t like routine. i don´t believe in plans, i trust in higher … call it the universe .. call it god.

i want to focus on now…

i want to learn everyday and teach, speak, create, write, i want to become my highest, truest, authentic experession of myself…

i say „thank you“ everyday.


Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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