self – serving creatures.

you and I, we are just a part of good and evil.

we would love to believe that all human beings are equal but this planet is not ready to go there.

and this is the truth.

we won´t change the world.

if we are lucky, we will inspire others to think, inspire to reflect themselves if we do,  share ideas or make them feel something…

but we can not change the world.

we are able to change ourselves

…through daily practice.

there will always be wars and always competetive people.

people who choose power over spiritual power.

and spiritual power is something else and it is not easy to explain because it is known through experience.

it is not easy to describe spiritual power to someone who does not have personal experience of it.

it develops, it is acquired by the way of study.

the most effective to discover spiritual power is through meditation practice.

(inspired by Karmapa Kyenno, inspired by Caroline Myss, inspired by Eckhard Tolle)

Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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