(critical) review.

sometimes i get criticized… before I would take it personal and leave the conversation or start to defend myself…

i remember myself leaving rooms when someone started to criticize me.

i would not listen …

sometimes we get criticized… even by strangers, by family, by people who love you most. by friends. in all kind of relationships.

we can not control criticism.

but critic can be teachful.

take a step back…look at it from another perspective.

and take your time… to reflect on it.

look at critic with curiosity. 


does this person want me to succeed or not?

what is this person trying to tell me?

is  it about me ?

do I want to think about it / might change something?

how do I react and how can I use it ?

people who love you – want you to succeed. 

people who love you might criticize you most … because people who love you – are scared to see you fail, scared of loosing you, scared of not being seen and heard by you.

critic can be useful or critic does not mean a lot if it´s based on grief. (fear)

if critc is negative and mean – it´s not really useful – so look at the person who´s talking – this person is in pain. (that´s the difference)

critic can be based on fear and critic can be expressed out of pain. 

critic can be hurtful. so don´t take critic personal.

look at critic with curiosity. 

and you won´t be afraid of others words anymore.

we all want to be seen, heard and understood. (but first by ourselves) 

we all want to express the truest parts, the loving parts of ourselves – and you know why?

because it feels right. because it feels better than grief.

because it feels better than fear and better than envy.

and if something hurts – like a word that doesn´t not serve the loving and truest parts of your soul / of your personality – than it´s not true. 

drop it.

look at it.

and pay attention to the person who is talking to you.

fear is a lie.

we fear things that could happen … we fear – so we create these interpretations – which is human – but fear also seperate us from our truth.

and the truth is – every person – has a soul – bigger than anything and powerful enough to live this life and leave this earth when it´s time … and every soul came on earth to experience this life and to learn his / her unique usefull lessons – we won´t ever stop learning and that´s the good part.

remember that:

you choose if you want to grow – or not.

you choose if you want to live with consciousness or without.

you decide if you want to go through life with open curiosity or missacceptation.

(christina dimitra, berlin 25th. october)




Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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