laugh harder / love letters to my hater.

what needs to be said – needs to be said.

as you might know i am not dumb.

as you might know – i know something.

and if something gets commercial it get´s kind of boring.

if i know something – then it´s : „hater hate you but actually want a piece of you“ 

„every person who talks negative about you – is talking / thinking negative about her / his self, too.“ 

( kind of sad huh? )

and if i know something else – then it´s : „hater laugh about you and try to make jokes about you – but in the end – they are the first who copy you / think about you the most, remember you and haters know exactly where their truly inspiration came from“ 

i love my haters.

i remember hating myself as you hate yourself today.

if i am kind to you – i am not naive.

if i am kind to you – i don´t need anything from you.

it has something to do with self respect. 

being kind does not hurt.

i am my own boss. i am my own spiritual guide and i know where i came from and i know where i am going.

i don´t waste my time no more.

if i am kind to you – than because i am kind. 

if i am kind then because i know how it feels to be rejected or neglected in life. 

i know how depressive people look like and i know how depressive people feel like.

i know how it feels to feel worthless. i know how it feels to feel tired and bored as fuck. 

and the lessons where hurtful. painful. hard. 

cause i experienced a lot.

but i chose to become more – years ago.

i chose to work harder on myself to become fearless.

i failed so many times and still try to get my shit done everyday.

to follow your dreams means „you need big balls and you gotta take risks. don´t be a pussy – go for it.“

to trust in god plans and to see them become reality means „practice awareness and gratitude for the little things“

to believe in myself means „i won´t allow negativity to destroy my dreams and i make sure that i stay truthful to myself and remember myself that my intension is love.“ (love is the biggest energy and the most truthful and most powerful energy) 

love heals.

love changes.

love means acceptance.

love means tolerance and trust.

„they`d​ rather kick u, they rather keep talking `bout you and laugh about you – while you get your shit done – while you decide to become a better human being and at the end – you know – where their inspiration truly came from.“ 

if i am kind to you – than because i am a loving and great person.

i don´t fuck with low energy.

it hurts.

i don´t fuck with low energy.

my process was to hurtful to continue this stupid game.

i choose growth. 

i choose love.

„so laugh harder and i be like „thank me later“ 


Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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