love letter to my supporter

i want to thank you: 

thank you for your support

thank you for believing in me

thank you for showing me love

thank you for reaching out

thank you for opening up

thank you for saying these beautiful words

i never felt more loved than i do right now

i wanna thank you so much

and i mean it

every person who entered my life with the intension of love

every person who believed in me 

let´s go get it and don´t mind the people who don´t believe in visions

i know my vision – that´s enough

you know your vision and that´s enough

i feel gratitude

i feel alive

i feel good

i love my life more then ever

my depression is gone

and people are afraid i am crazy

of course i am crazy

crazy enough to believe in myself

i´ve changed, i know

today i am the better version of myself

i am finally myself

not afraid to let go

and i still grow

i wanna thank you 

and i won´t forget your support. 

Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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