give me more.

i am driven.

i am passionate.

my feelings are strong.

so i got to use them creatively, everyday.

i am curious like a child and i am faithful like a child.

but i got to stay wise and smart cause we live in a dangerous world.

some think I am crazy –  I am awake.

i am not ignorant anymore.

my ego is small.

i got faith.

i know my skills. i know my worth. i know what i want and what i don´t.

i work hard. i stay disciplined and i don’t compromise myself – for no one.

i am filled with ideas.

i am gonna use them all.

i am funny.

i am intelligent.

i am fast.

i am creative.

i am present.

i am full of myself.

i care about this world.

i love.

i fight everyday.

my soul is bigger than ever before.

and i won´t give up – till i am proud.

i am a woman.

i am proud.

my soul has no gender.

and i am not afraid to travel this world alone.

Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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