get rid of painful / stressful thought(s).

for example: 


practice to see the good things in any kind of experience, situation, relationship and focus on appreciation every day.

(all you need is a bit of discipline and you will see a huge change after a few days of practice) 

get rid of negative energy and get aware of negativity – so you can create more of positive thoughts and replace the negative beliefs with positive beliefs that push you into a peaceful / motivating / more productive state of mind.

request your limited beliefs about yourself. „is the thought you think true or not? just because you think a thought does not mean it is true.“ (remember that) 

your body reacts to any kind of thought. a negative thought effects your body negative – as a positive thought effects your body – in a good / positive way.

examples for questions to ask yourself – if you want to get rid of painful / negative / stressful thoughts would be : 

is this thought true?

how does it feel when i think this thought?

who would i be without this thought?

how would i react without this thought?

how would i be without this thought? (imagine it or just write your answers down) 

i´ve learned these „simple“ (not easy but simple) skills from byron katie.

her work changed my way of thinking 7 years ago. back then i started writing.

i recommend you her book „loving what is“ if you are serious and ready to work on your state of mind / or if you want to learn new skills, if you want to learn to forgive – if you are depressed and if you struggle with painful experiences of your past, that keep pushing you back – it helped me to forgive people / toxic experiences / traumas from childhood and i was able to learn so much more about my inner self and overcome stress and anxiety and more.

(might inspiring for you,too)

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