i know him since we were young.

he and i have always been really focused.

he was the first who loved me and respected me for being myself.

i think he was the first boy i fell in love with.

i guess we were to young to understand what an impact we had on each other.

he was laughing about my jokes while others kept wondering „what´s wrong with her“ 

we did not care.

we were free, young and hopeful. 

he had an open mind.

able to dream as big as possible.

he was attractive because he believed in himself.

he was confident.

that´s what i loved about him.

with him i felt safe.

one day i saw another guy attacking him and he was tired of it.

(jealousy is sick)

i remember the way he reacted. he said „all right then … hit me so we are done. come on just hit me.“ 

(the other guy was so mad with him.

i still don´t know why.

and i don´t need to know.)

he was the first sensitive guy i´ve met. he was smart, focused and talented.

one day he showed me his drawings and i thought „man, you are the first artist in my life. because of you – i am able to see me.“ 

i loved the way he respected his dad.

we are still connected.

there is no doubt.

you will always be a part of me.

and i am sorry if i act like „i don´t need you“ because actually „i really care about you“.

and the truth is „i will always protect you“.


Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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