„strong bad – asses.“

i don´t get it.

some people truly think feminists are women who hate men.

but that is not true.

information is key, my friend.

feminists are not evil, no.

a feminist fights for equal rights.

we need feminists.

brave leaders who are willing to stand up and speak for those who can not and speak out loud, share their experiences and fight for equal – human rights.

a man can be a feminist, too.

do you want your mother to get payed less than a man? 

do you think your mother is less worth? 

do you think her values are less worth? 

cause there are mothers out there , working hard to earn money  to raise and feed their kids by their own.

this world needs feminists as this world needs more women who are brave enough to be themselves.

outstanding, crazy enough, aggressive. women should be loud, provocative, open minded, loving and smart. 

like strong, sensitive bad – asses. 

Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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