decide with whom you want to sit down and talk about your personal questions, business or life or whatever…

we all need skills.

we do.

it´s a never ending learning process.

but it´s fun and interesting.

you are able to see and become the change, enjoy the ride and meet different kind of people who might are inspiring to you in a way…

pick your teacher, pick your mental coaches, pick the quotes you need and keep them in mind.

be thankful for advices and learn to thank persons around you who pass you their wisdom or knowledge.

people who are not afraid to let you know „how beautiful and intelligent you are“

most are not brave enough to tell you „how beautiful you are and how unique and how intelligent and funny.“

it´s nothing you get easily.

most won´t tell you the truth.

the truth is love.

people get payed to pass their knowledge.

people get payed to pass their wisdom.

big successful and rich people pass their wisdom wisely.

not as foolish as i am. 

i am wring because i feel like i can not stop.

i am obsessed. 

but it is a great obsession.

i am thankful for this kind of obsession. 

cause i got a lot more of `em. hehe. 

again: good advise, a good listener, a smart talker and a loyal person who is able to reflect and able to look at things non judgmental should be thanked everyday.


this kind of human is worth a millions of dollars.

a billions of „thank you“ a day.

this kind of human is worth to be thanked and listened to and respected to. 


25th  November 2018 , Christina Dimitra


Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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