changes of wisdom.

i am passionate about changes. 

i love the fact, that we as human are able to transform our lives and minds.

we are the only creatures who are able to transform and able to create and use our minds in such an complex but intelligent way.

i am fascinated by the word and experience of transformation.

everyone can become a great leader. (that is what i know) 

start with your family.

my father once asked me : 

„Christina, what is the solution of a war? what do you think?“

It took me 3 sec to answer and the answer was: „philosophy.“ 

And we started arguing aggressive  for 20 minutes `cause it might seemed to simple for him – so he got mad.

And then I said: 

„You are a bad listener. You blame others. But you don´t ask for solution. You don´t want to think about solutions. instead you decide to blame others. blame me for the wrong answer. what is wrong with my answer? Think about it first. You want to believe that we live in a bad world, where rich people destroy our planet. That is the image you have of your world. This the image that most people have about the world. But there are people out there – writing poets, talented and gifted artists, who paint for humanity, leader who speak their truth, teacher, mothers, fathers who work hard, philosopher are wise people – who write with hope for better – great thinker deserve millions of dollars – motivational coaches of wisdom – who serve that many people and unfortunately not everyone is willing to „listen“  – humanity is able to change. to learn and transform. It might take time. But it is not impossible. It is possible to keep the balance of love and hate. so this world is paradox. we need a better balance. we need more of good and less of hate. But for now : start with your family. you have your own big war. start with yourself. start with your family. and then ask „how can I change this world and make a difference and leave a mark“. 

After this he was shocked.

And I remember that moment so well.

„I ´ve never raised my voice in front of my father. I was powerful and fast and I was shocked – as he was shocked and then he said.

„Christina , you are crazy.“

„I am crazy enough to believe I am able to leave a mark and change my world for better..“

wow I am so ready to discuss with men. I am ready to raise my voice. I am ready to give you the answer.

at the same time – I respect him and I love him and i believe he was my biggest trainer – he made me – therefore I am grateful but he is scared and he experienced bad things as I did and he is not willing to change his state of thinking, yet.

„So whatever“

We are not done „by blaming others“ it´s not the solution.

It´s poor thinking. 

Most of us are scared of this world – of the white rich bad guy. we forgot the most powerful energy is love and wisdom and information and team work and our responsibility is to train kids better.

we need philosophy as we need music and water.

this world needs more leaders and i am not talking about stars or in general famous people.


everyone wants to be fame now.

that is not the solution.

i am talking about faithful leaders who speak their truth if they feel like speaking.

willing to pass their experiences in a truthful way and learn from life experiences so they can pass their wisdom to other people.

we learn from each other.

god is big.

god is everything you can travel and understand – if you see the ocean – there must be a bigger intelligent than we are able to describe and understand.

all you need is to trust.

there is something higher, bigger, most intelligent, a concept – named god or „universe“.

all you need to know is that you are a part of this whole concept.

and god is the pure energy of synchronized, floating love and love is the strongest energy we are able to feel.

love heals, love is able to transform anything.

love is the biggest energy for creation.

look at this planet.

love stays while pain goes away.

love is the only truth.

and love is god.


Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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