guidance, protection, higher wisdom.

we need faith.

faith to fight our enemies. 

faith to continue. 

faith to open up and faith to choose love instead of hate. 

love is a never – ending learning process.

they say „the biggest revenge is great success.“ 

ok so let´s get  it.

everything good – will be attacked. (that´s a fact)

i am ready.

most women like me – feel rejected. 

we are used to that.

good looking , talented, outstanding women.

most women like me – feel rejected, ignored and misunderstood.

a woman who loves herself and enjoys her life?

(shut up)

and speaks out her mind? 

(shut up)

of course i got people supporting me. 

and i am able to say : i am healed

my mind is different than years ago. 

my spirit is leading.

i know, i am not alone. 

i  got you.

my family always got my back.

can you see how fast we run?

i grow fast. 

i feel protected.

i am guided.

so you are.

we live in a physically world in a physical body.

but no limits for your soul.

no limits for my soul.

my soul is big.

let us become the change we need to be for this world.

let´s start now. 

step by step. 

of course i am scared.

of course you are.

but i chose to win.

and we already won.

„when do you start building ?“ „if i am done“ 

i want you to be brave, strong, motivated and i want you to learn to listen to yourself

to speak when you feel like speaking your truth.

i want you to be a thinker.

a dreamer.

a do-er.

a human being with sense of humor.

i want you to fight for better.

be respectful.

fight for yourself.

fight for the people you love.

protect your dreams.

never stop dreaming.

set your goals.

ask for wisdom.

be brave enough to love.

learn to open up.

write it all down.

i want you to start believing in yourself as you believe in others.

do you believe in god?

i want you to support others as you would love to be supported. 

i want you to be loyal if you want others to be loyal. 

i want you to be fair. 

i want you to be your authentic self – cause this is how the world needs you to be.

you are unique.

i want you to be sensitive and strong at the same time.

like a mother – like a father.

i want you to be the best you possibly can.

wherever you are and whatever you choose – do it the best way you possibly can. 

take your time.

follow your own rituals.

if you need help – ask for help.

learn to ask.

like a child would ask.

„i ask for wisdom. i ask for guidance.“ 

i want you to live your life according your goals.

practice self acceptance – how are you talking to yourself?

change „i can not“ with „how can i“ 

speak better to yourself.

we are used to be treated less than we are.

repeat the words you want to believe about yourself.

they say „success is like the ocean“ 

i don´t say i am a good artist.

i say i am already the greatest version of myself. 

i am a huge giver and caring person and a big loving soul.

as you are.

and no one will ever change this.

not even evil.

i am a visionary. 

i am willing to serve humanity.

my tools are right here with me.

all i need to do is continue walking.

right now i am running.

i am scared.

of course.

everything must change.

life is preparing me. life is preparing us.

and if you are reading this – you are closer to me and able to feel your own soul.


Christina Dimitra, 26th November  2018

Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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