strong girls are not evil.

most women are modest. why is that? 

i am modest, too.

sometimes i break out of silence and talk better and stronger about myself.

we are strong.

we are more than we think.

we deserve to receive beautiful words and appreciation as love.

i appreciate beautiful souls.

loving souls.

love is powerful.

i am happy to call wonderful women my best friends.

today i promise myself:

„i won´t say yes if i mean no“ 

„i won´t smile if i don´t feel like smiling.“ 

„i laugh if something is really funny.“ 

„i want others to feel good with me. that´s the way i am.“ 

„but i got to focus on my well being and let go of people who think and feel hateful.“ 

„i want to be 100% myself. happy as i am. funny as i am. intelligent as i am.“

some people don´t want me that way.  

they want to see you smaller – as you are – so they can feel better about themselves.

it is because they wished they could feel the same way but don´t want to change themselves.

„i feel less if i compromise myself.“ 

„so,i got it.“ 

big lesson.

this lesson feels liberating: 

„make sure you are surrounded by uplifting people who support you and believe in you as you believe in them. be faithful to leave if it is not the right to stay. you don´t need to fight for love. you are love. you are already receiving love because you love.“ 

„let them hate. let them say. let them be. accept and walk away.“ 

Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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