flowers of the universe.

i am shy.

that´s why i chose to become more skillful.

so, i am shy and i am proud.

i am a dreamer so i practice awareness.

my imagination is huge. 

my soul is leading.

i can be loud.

i can be powerful speaking and insecure at the same time.

i am scared but i am super driven.

i become more focused,  hard and intelligent because i am high sensitive and vulnerable.

i am empathetic.

my ego works protective.

i make sure i laugh.

because life can be to serious.

i can be competitive.

i run hard and make sure i am fair and supportive – so others feel empowered to become more of themselves.

and i won´t forget who tried to hurt me but i forgive `cause i grew from all kind of challenges.

as good as bad. 

as joyful as tragic. 

i forgave myself for being ignorant in the past.

i don´t want to hurt anybody.

i don´t want to do disrespect anybody.

i chose to be myself which means:  high productive, big thinking and fast. 

all i wanted was to inspire myself and others to become more.

„your decision is your power“

„stop blaming me“ 

my personal success means: i know who i am. i know where i am going and i know what i am willing to give. 

i was praying my whole life because i believe in good.

i believe in god because i experienced evil.

and i believe in change and therefore i am learning and writing as good as i can.


Christina Dimitra, 29. November 2018 

Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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