forgive me

i am working every day – 24/7 – it is so natural – it does not feel like working – i love it and i am so grateful for experiencing this.

i was looking for passion all my life and i am overwhelmed cause right now i am reflecting on the beauty , natural beauty, of people i know. i am so happy to know you. i am so glad we met. i am crying right now. it is so beautiful to cry. i love it.

i am so so so grateful for every person who passed my way and you have no idea what you gave me. you gave me love. acceptance. you gave me words that empowered me to recognize myself. you gave me hugs, you gave me safety.

we all love. 

this is our biggest gift. 

huge energy. beautiful.

even those who think they can´t love and don´t love – you love.

we all do.

we are still alive because of love.

love is god.

it´s everywhere.

it´s energy.

a smile means love. a hug means love. a beautiful conversation is love. music is love. poetry is love. i love love love.

finally i recognize it.

and i was trying to fight it all my life.

what the hell?

i understand know why people would call me a devil.

cause i could not accept my own love.

i thought „i am loveless“.

Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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