choice of perspectives.

if u focus on the beauty of things, nature, world, life and people – u will become more aware of your own beauty.

if u focus on the dark sites of things, nature, world, life and people – u will become more aware of your own darkness.

both exists.

like day and night exists.

like summer and winter.

we have to decide between love and fear almost everyday.

„if i look at the world as a victim i become a victim of myself.“

„is my decision based on fear or based on love?“

„what am i willing to give to make this place a better world?“

„where can i start?“

don´t be affraid to choose the perspective of love and acceptance.

the truth does not hurt.

„you are not in need of love.“

„we as souls are love.“

you are not in need of others love.

and remember what u appreciate will become more.

appreciate the love within yourself.

what u don´t appreciate u will loose. 

stay awake and be aware of your own thoughts and own feelings.

accept your own feelings and listen to your own thoughts.

„why am i feeling this way? am i listening to myself? is there anything i can do for myself to get better? how can i help myself? “ 

every single human mind  – is filled with interpretion.

some of us are awake and healthy thinking and some of us are manipulating and blind.

some of us are loving and supportive and some of us want others to fail as they failed.

some of us are willing to change and some of us are willing to destroy themselves and others.

both exists.

the truth is behind all layers of interpretions.

the truth is love.

the truth is consciousness.

the truth is deeper than a lie.

the truth is deeper than pain.

bigger than anything else.

the truth is powerful.

the truth is bigger than we are able to describe.

the universe exists.

we call the highest intelligent master and creator „god“

i believe in „god“ so i believe in „good“ and i believe that change is necessary and that anyting else is a failure of false control. 


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