the explorer of my own mind.

i am sharing my wisdom with hope to inspire you.

i wanna share my gifts with you.

i wanna share my knowledge.

so i do.

i don´t think i am better, i don´t think i am a better human. no.

i can be bad, too. i can feel hurt, too.

sometimes i got to be patient. more patient than you might think.

i am not jesus. (tbh)

but i chose to become more aware.

i was depressed my whole life so i started exploring my mind 8 years ago.

i am full of mistakes as anyone else.

but i learned to trust into my own decisions.

and i learned to look at things, reflect on my thoughts, reflect on others words to find a truthful way back to myself.

i wanted to „know“ myself better than anyone else.

i am still learning from past mistakes.

my past teached me a lot.

my past was darker than u might know. 

that´s why i am able to talk like that today.

our past teaches us.

that´s why i choose love everyday.

even if it hurts sometimes.

i go back to love and i go back to forgiveness and i go back to myself because i chose „freedom and peace“ not „war“.

i choose risk everyday.

i am giving my best to be the best version of myself – cause it feels good.

it feels right.

and i tell you something:

i don´t care about negative thinking people anymore but i accept them. there are enough negative talker out there in this world. and i got to deal with them everyday.

but : i truely care about people who want to heal and want to read and want to develop and want to become better and i care about people who love and respect.

thank you for being so supportive and thank you for trusting in me.

sharing this whole process with you means a lot to me. it´s personal and truthful.

you are appreciated and it moves me to see how many of you are reaching out and let me know.

i appreciate it your suppport so much.

if i touched your life – you touched my life, too.





Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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