we all fight.

we all argue.

we are all hurt.

but we are able to forgive.

first of all – for ourselves.

you don´t have to forget. learn to reflect on your past, in order to understand.

there is  a bigger meaning behind your pain.

experience is wealth.

sometimes we act ignorant.

we forgot where we came from. 

sometimes we fear.

we experience tragedy.

life is both. love and pain.

both is natural.

pain leads you back to yourself. 

it´s a part of your nature.

take your time.

stop fighting against you.

you deserve your own love.

be patient with yourself.

apologize to your body if necessary.

don´t afraid to think.

are you able to appreciate the fact that you are still here?

does this life mean something to you?

it must be grace that we are still here.

i was thinking so painful years ago.

but i am still here.

we made it till here.

and nothing is easy.

but the truth is clear and simple. 

we have so much more in common.

i want us to heal.

i want us to succeed.  

life is a higher intelligent concept and you are able to experience it.

what a gift?

we experience intimacy right now. 

you are not alone on this path. 

i am here and you are right with me.

i am filled with hope and i am filled with wisdom.

i am filled with love and i am willing to share all i know ready to serve, to create more and willing to learn – as long as I live.


Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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