enlightenment thinker.

today I´ve read this sentence: whatever you don´t use – you loose. if you quit you loose. 

(and i won´t quit till i get what i deserve)

this process is healing. 

i am thinking and reflecting.

my work is based on reflection.

i am a visionary. 

i am so curious.

i am exploring my own universe.

my struggle was preparation.

i went through dark shit.

found a way back to my enlightenment.

and this feels authentic.

i am transforming. 

my soul is guiding. 

i am taking my time and i am disciplined enough to stay focused.

i returned to myself.

i missed myself for a long time.

my spirit is huge.

i am calm.

so calm.

so so calm.

so so so calm,

so balanced.

i am not fighting against myself – my soul is leading.

this feels like home.

i believe in the higher plans of god.

i am able to look in the mirror and say: there is a long way to go but you will be fine. because you decide. 

endless hope.

big vision.

i am so thankful for my loyal friends.

i forgive you, i forgave myself.

i choose light. 

i walk with consciousness.

live in clarity. (that´s what i want) 

i know who i am.

of course, i loved you.

but there is a bigger plan for me.

i see, you don´t love yourself.

you are the one who is scared of me.

but i always expressed my truth.

you are afraid of my emotions.

i loved you more than you loved yourself.

but i love myself most.

i see your support and i appreciate your support.

and i am really proud of myself today.

my will is strong.

this is the cure.

my joy is my greatest success.

i am deep as the ocean.

every emotion makes sense.

i am a woman.

i am a great, multi – faced woman, i am a authentic free speaker, i am a enlightenment thinker. 

i was prepared my whole life.

my father was teaching me the most.

and u know this.

and i know that.

all i do right now is taking a few steps back.

i gave u more than i thought i could.

and i don´t even expect something back.

all i want is : to live my highest truth and serve humanity.

my intension is love.

i am expressing and living my highest truth right now.

everything else is  coming up.

this is my way.

one day i read this sentence:

„everything good will be attacked“ 

my answer is:


Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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