personal success.

„Miracles happen everyday.“

„If you are able to appreciate and If you are able to stay grateful.“

„I don´t worry about others opinions. I don´t waste my time on that. I believe if I give and do my best, people will appreciate it maybe one day. But I also feel better about myself if I give my best. And that´s the main reason. I don´t wanna waste my potential.“

„I experienced grattitude. And I loved the feedback in New York. I felt respected and appreciated.“

„Life is the biggest adventure.“

„Some people are frustrated with their own lifes. Some of them try to kill your happiness. So take care of your happiness. Make sure you protect your creativity. Make sure you hang with people with beautiful mindsets. People who are able to love themselves. Some people think really negative about themselves. And you can´t buy joy or grattitude. It´s means mental training. And some are really, really lazy.“

„Some people decide to feel like vicitims.“

„Make sure you are surrounded by people who feel good about your personal success. People who love to see you smile. People who love to see you win. Because jealousy is a ugly and mean thing.“


Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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