the guru-blondie.

I thought she is a close friend.

I am pure.

I had to delete every single image of her.

You know one thing is talking about love and repeating it for weeks but it´s something else if you really feel it and share it at the end.

I am sorry if I gave you the idea of being a „warrior“ but sometimes I cry, too.

My love is big.

Don´t waste my time.

Love means trust and honesty.

We gotta find compromises.

Can I trust you?


Here we go: 

I see empathy is rare. 

I love honest people.

Feelings are not ugly.

Feelings are great.

I can also deal with psychopaths but with girls who suck my energy with fake intensions…

I talked to another friend and she told me something I don´t like.

I was to kind to you. 

That´s my fault.

Can you understand that I got feelings, too? 

I thought you knew?

You can lie to yourself.

But I don´t respect liars. 

This is my problem I guess.

You don´t have to change for me.

I don´t expect that. 

Just leave.

Do you.

I can deal with emotions and with honesty. 

But honest conversations are rare. 

I see.

I appreciate honesty so much. 

So let me repeat it: 

Close the door behind your back. 


I got problems, too.


It´s a hard time right now.

Is it okay  for you if I cry?

I ask because you left the room when I was weak and cried once.

Is it okay for you?

If I cry?

Can you deal with real emotions?

Why are so many people scared of sensitive emotions? 

Oh god, lift me up. 

And if I am crying, I am crying.

If I laugh I laugh, If I am in pain, I am in pain but for some reason… it´s not in anymore and people can´t deal with it. 

(Not in Germany) 

No excuse.


No, No. 

Not here.

Only professionals. 


I am not sorry for my feelings. 

I am a woman too. 

I am human.

They see me strong and for some reason..if I feel like crying – I am judged immediately. 

„Drama omg“ or „Look she is weak“

Even Beyonce cries and feels bad sometimes.

Can you imagine that Solange hit Jay Z in the elevator ?

Painful thought huh. 


It was real. 

Can you imagine?

We are all human.

We all cry and laugh and fail.

Can you imagine that even the happiest bitch on earth, cries sometimes?

Even Britney Spears.


I hope you learn out of this experience.

I got feelings, too.

We all cry.

Now you know.

I am not the reason for your weird and boring paranoia.

If you have no empathy it´s hard for me to like you. 

What happened to this world?

Should I share another video on Instagram for you , so you understand that „sometimes I cry too“ 

This world is cruel.


These young kids acting like super professional on Instagram and ask me for mental support but if I cry in front of friends , in real life,  they start running, they can´t deal with human pain anymore.  

I blocked my whole family.

I am sensitive, now.

Is it okay for you?

Can I just sit here and cry or is uncomfortable for you? 

I don´t want you in my life anymore. 

You want my mental support? 

Okay, No.

Close the door behind your back.

Have a beautiful life. 

I am crying now.


Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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