success is not a theory.

Write down your next steps. 

Stay focused on what matters to you.

Be aware of the love inside of you growing.

Don´t allow negativity to destroy your dream.

Stay thankful.

Stay open.

Stay lovely and soft.

Fight your own demons.

Forgive your enemies and don´t be afraid to fight and raise your voice.

Your voice is your power.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

Run your own race as good as you can.

Never give up.

Stop pleasing others.

Focus on your goals.

Learn to ask, learn to say No.

Forgive if necessary and free yourself of the limited believes of others.

Stand guard on the door of your own mindset.

Don´t let anybody treat you less than you deserve.

Take your time.

Think, speak, reflect, change, read, do, come back.

Return to yourself.

Be the loyalty you want, be love, be patience, be kind to yourself.

„Is this thought getting me closer where I wanna go?“ 

„Is this thought hurting me?“ 

Be joy, stay grounded, be thankful for what you are, right now.

You are seeking for greater success and joy.

Don´t be afraid to shine and to be your authentic self.

Stop judging yourself.

You are here for a reason.

Don´t let anybody irritate you or stop you. 

„Deep down we know. Deep down you know which person you are designed to be.“ 

„Remind yourself that you are great and good enough.“ 

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