„switch halt mal auf english“


„Wisst ihr was mega ist? Das ich mir so lange ich mir treu bleibe und klar wähle und den nächsten Schritt entscheide und erneut vergebe und den Fokus erneut setze, noch tiefer und stärker lerne, Mir selbst zu vertrauen.“

And then:

„I know it´s hard to get me. But for some reason people with big hearts and love and sensitivity know me already. Why is that ? That snitches hate me anyway and keep the distance. Are you afraid of who I am ? Is it like – are you scared? But why? Anyway… people who love me are no longer afraid to tell me and show me and remind me and if it´s necessary forgive me. I deserve all the support in the world. And I won´t stop loving because of people who want me to see me down or hate me for no reason. There is no reason. Go hate on trump. Go hate yourself for not being the love, go hate yourself for not apologizing to people you hurt. Go start with yourself. I started with myself and I am no longer in need. I am not in need of love. I am endless, big enough to forgive all over and focus on growth. My love means acceptance, tolerance, appreciation. I am not afraid of love. I am not afraid of hate. I am not afraid of pain. I am not afraid to shine. I am not afraid to laugh and cry. I am not afraid of this life. I create and explore and study for myself and humanity. If I see someone talk disrespectful to a woman or man – I speak. I speak. And I won´t change for anybody else. I am good enough, I am bold, my soul is leading and I won´t allow any negative person to tell me different. If I win, we win. If I loose, we loose. Do you get the message? This is based on love. This is love. Me speaking for humanity. For creativity. And for all those who are afraid to raise their voices again, because of negative and heavy hurtful experiences.

I am speaking and expressing universal.

I won´t keep my mouth shut to make you feel comfortable.

I won´t keep my eyes shut.

I am gonna use my intelligence and my body and mind and soul and love to keep on pushing.

I am not afraid to open up and show you – who I am.

I always did.

You misunderstand.

You put me in a light that I was not.

I am a goddess.

And now:

Just wait for it.

Remember my name.

I love this earth. I love this planet. I love the universe. I love myself enough to love you all the same. I am a proud believer. And no one ever will no longer tell me different.

I love this life.

I love animals.

I love children.

I love „Michael Jackson“.

I love „Madonna“.

I love „Kanye“

I love „Abramovic“

I love my mother.

I love my sister.

I love my brother.

I love my father.

I am no longer in need of anything else.

I am willing to open up for every person coming along my way.

I am willing to open up for every new chance and new opportunity.

I am willing to forgive you all for hating me.

You hate me.

You love and you hate me.

„I am guided and leaded to one direction.“



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