„modern phoenix.“

„I am not who you made me believe I was.“ (that´s what I wrote years ago…)

He said „he would be the only one who was willing to love me …but it was a lie. I am beautiful and talented and gifted. And he wanted me to believe, that he was my biggest love. But it was a lie. Back then I trusted him. I felt poor for him cause he was lying to me and himself. I was not his love of his life. He was looking for rage. He was looking for safety. He was not loving himself. He was inspired by the idea of a gifted woman. And that hurt me to see. He was not proud of himself. So he was not able to talk in calm way. He was looking up to me.. but could not stand me. He was looking for rage… And I am willing to let it go and willing to forgive. Cause I don´t blame him. I learn from this experience and continue being myself.“

„I am still fighting for a better future. I am here to inspire women to believe in themselves most. And people say, if you choose your passion – you must feel good everyday. Why are you shining? Why are you sexy? Why are you strong ? You might forgot, that being a) artist means – we are prostituting our souls in a way that you can not understand if you are not an artist. You might feel it, if you walk our path. As women. As artist. As tomboys. As fragile creatures. As gifted persons. So stop saying „we are crazy or dangerous because we feel how we feel and because we are willing to express ourself as honest as possible… so others are able to learn, other are able to get inspired and feel the authentic power of a loving woman.“

„We choose risk. We choose risk everyday. It´s not easy. It´s heavy. And it´s difficult because it is …because it is… and it will always be this way. Difficult. Not easy. Never easy. I am laughing and shining, because 100 people tell me … not to.“ 

„I was not looking for my dreams. My gifts are from heaven. And I am here to use them and thank them and share them. It´s not a joke. I take my business serious even if I am funny. I am taking this serious. But natural. I am natural. I am laughing and sharing, joking about myself, clowning. I am a artist. And you are a judging man. You forgot to look into your mirror and start there. You forgot yourself. I am here to live my truth anyway. And there are enough women out there who are the same.“


Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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