Russian Painter, Nyc 2018.

„Ich in ihrem Garten.“ 

(Rückblickend gecheckt)

„Ich sitze in der Sonne und schreibe. Sie, ich sehe sie vom weiten auf mich zu laufen, scheint Rückenprobleme zu haben. Sie läuft auf mich zu und fragt mich nach einer Kippe.“

„Would you role one for me?“


Sie setzt sich neben mich und schaut mich an.

„Where are you from?“

„Greece but I was born and raised in Germany.“

„Greece? I was really inspired by Greece years ago. After I left my husband I´ve been traveling with my daughter. And we decided to change our lifestyle. I bought this house. I worked a lot. And now you tell me you are greek… You are enjoying this garden right? You inspire me. Would you role me another one? ….My daughter does not like if I smoke.“

„I know. I smoke a lot. Don´t worry.“

„What are you doing here?“

„Nothing big. Something I wanna do for myself. What are you doing?“

„I am a painter. But I can’t do both. I either work or I paint. And painting takes time.“


„You know you should go and explore Greece. It´s a beautiful country. Do you speak greek?“

„My greek sounds stupid.“

„Take your time. Go back there and figure it out. Talk it, get used it and then use it.“

„So true. So true.“

„Do you like New York?“

„I love this energy right now.“

Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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