cleopatra and lyrics and conversation(s).

so tired today.

you can not imagine.

so tired of talking.

i focus on breathing and meditation as good as i can.

time will show and time will heal anyway.

i love my work.

it´s a good tool to use my emotions creatively and start all over again.

i don´t say that you got to focus on „expressing yourself“ but i say , it´s a good way to heal from trauma or negative experiences.

i write, it´s meditation too.

i pray and repeat the words in my head to return to peaceful thinking.

today i´ve been talking and opening up and i hate to say it but.

„even thugs loose their mind and cry. i work to much also. but hey that´s what i love to do. i got fucking feelings too. so why not using again?!!!“

„forgive them father for they don´t know what they do.“ (Lauryn Hill is so good. Her lyrics, Boom. I love you.)


Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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