will and chances, talents and personal decisions.

„you know i am inspired by music since i was a kid. i never learned to write. i just started after heavy big lessons. pain is a good teacher. i have to say. so. it´s okay. accept it. music is my biggest inspiration. reading, writing, dreaming, reflecting, thinking, painting, exploring, photography, speaking… you know my father had this old camera back than. an old a1. canon. i´ve started taking shots back in greece. he saw the pictures after and said „you know, you got talent…“ 

„it was the first time to hear something like that you know? all my life i´ve been considered as the worse. (biggie) done with blame games. still big lessons to learn. we all try. so. never give up. we went far. haha. i just got out of the system 4 or 5 years ago. that´s how i want to live for now. but who knows? how my life looks in 10 years. i got this idea of a cube house. and i start working towards this vision now.“

„i am proud of who i am today. guilt is shit. i just know that healing is everything and in order to heal we got to become more honest with ourselves. day by day. week by week. month by month. year by year. lala. and that´s it. my grandfather died when i was young. he was a heavy smoker. my mum doesn´t like to see me smoke. so. right now i am thinking of quitting again. i did once. i was filled with aggression and mad ideas… and now i guess it´s more difficult. i guess i need a few months more. somehow it feels harder than ever. of course i am afraid but how do i say „do more things you are afraid of. give yourself time and chances and start all over again.“

„i give myself the time i need. and if i want advice and inspiration you know i go out and get the information or talk to my friends.“

„it´s all about knowledge. we learn by failing. we learn by trying. patience is everything and will. will is big. bigger than anything.“

Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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