bigger lessons learned.

„when I visit a friend in paris, we talked about the situation. i told him it was to heavy. i returned to figure it out for sure and it went worse. but i am willing to learn. and let go. i forgive you. you deserve another life as me. i don´t want low energy in my life. i don´t. i want love. i am self love. and it means heavy discipline for my brain. we all choose. we all decide. we all fear. we all are looking for ourselves. that´s the thing. i am not willing to share my life with a person who left me when i was hurt. i can´t forget it. i am willing to forgive. and my pain is returning cause i can’t forget. and it´s fair. for me to say „please get out of my life. so we can both start again. just figure it out for yourself. i am focusing on my work. i am focusing on giving. first. giving myself. than humanity. i am willing to learn from this. cause the moment you give and forget yourself, you are fucked.“  

„i keep trying for you but i can´t respect liars. i can´t.“

„i am a dreamer, a visionar, a poet, philosopher, photographer, painter, thinker, lover, whatever. but i can´t be great if i am living based on lies. it´s confronting my fears everyday. this is what most decide. i didn´t. otherwise i could not write that way. i never studied. i study for myself. i want space and peace of mind.“ 

Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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