So sure.

„i´ve trusted her first. she didn’t. i gave her all my love. my attention. my wisdom. my knowledge. my words. everything. i thought she was in need of my help. 

but help is for those who want and appreciate it. you can say help. but from now on i say „support“ cause people are in need and if we help everyone, where are we going? we can not help everyone. we can give support and see what happens. that´s it.“ 

„bitch fight is horrible. it´s to heavy for us women. in my private life i don´t want to be boss. i don´t. i choose and want trust and if i could remind you again and myself i would say:

make sure that if you close the door , the door is closed. (so simple)

i believe in values and trust.

and it´s always worth it to try it again.


give and see what happens.

just be a giver.

it always feels better.

i fight and argue with closest family members because i want them to be good.

it´s not mean. it´s honest.

i am looking for honest conversations.

it returns to us natural.

giving is always better.

it´s good to be a giver.

and i am not talking about material.

and it´s a beautiful thing to give and share time and conversations.


i did not loose anything.

i always win wisdom.

and 1 friend i thought it was.

today i know it was not my friend.

it was my biggest enemy for the last years and it changed all the time cause i could not understand why.

i am not here to prove anyone who i am.

i already know.

everyone who is not able to hear and trust, must go.

i am no stranger.

my soul is love.

and if i have to repeat it 1.Mio times, I will.

So sure.

Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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