instagram generation.

„we all share and don´t think so far but we gotta become more responsible about others who are reading us. I was working isolated for a long time. I´ve traveled and returned to find my inner balance. I worked hard and now I understand my writings went far and people start questioning me in the clubs and even in Nyc in the bronx. I learn from this , I am still an artist and I am using Instagram as a tool to share but I am willing to give up a few things more and figure it out again for me personal. People are looking at me so I got to become more responsible now. That´s on me. I am a great woman with painful feelings and I am human. I am an artist. I won´t reach perfection. I am willing to share this now and repeat myself again:

„I have my reasons for this kind of work. I won´t stop expressing myself in „different creative ways“ and I am not putting myself in a box but I say now „I take more responsibility for every word I am sending out now.“

„Everyone who knows me in real life, knows I am looking for my highest expression and share my wisdom so other can learn as I learn.“

„I choose myself before anybody else. I am for women. I am for trustful relationships. I am for relationships and for marriage. If you are in a relationship, stay there. Give your best. I am shocked that people got so upset with my „sentences“ and I apologize so much cause I had beef with a lot of close friends , who luckily choose to reach out and talk to me personal. I love you and I want the best for you. As I want the best for me. And the best is : values in personal life. I know it´s hard for others to understand „who I am and what I am becoming“ but it´s not your job to analyze me anymore , I am responsible for what I do and say and it´s not my job to analyze others that´s why I apologize again.

„I am a) multidisciplinary artist and I am responsible for myself as you are for yourself. I wish you all healing and I wish you trustful relationships and I wish you self-love.“ 


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