„Pipi in meim` Augen.“

I consider George as one of my closest friends.

I trust in him a lot.

I appreciarte him a lot.

His heart his big.

He is laughing about me most.

„Stop laughing man. Why are you laughing man?“

„I love Kiki.“

George, you are my sister and you know that, bitch.

Stop grabbing my ….. (he is gay, he is allowed every other son gotta watch out I am aggressive. don´t try me)

One day we were sitting in a bar in Mitte and he said

„Kiki we are fucked.“

We were drunk, sitting there…. laughing about our life struggles.

I could not stop laughing.


You made me laugh so hard.

Fuck you for looking so hot, bitch.

I was considered as a trouble make since the day I was born.

„Fuck you all again. Herr Gmelin go suck a dick, stipid cunt.“

„Yeah assoizial und vulgär wie ich Bock hab.“

I am so proud of myself.

„Family war is finally ending. They are watching their words now. My sister won´t get it in this life. But I love her anyway. Schon Okeh, Hehe.“

I am so proud of myself.


This was so important to me.

Communication is key.

I am going to block people in order to set my boundaries.

I am not listening to you „haters“ ever again.

„But how , but why , but who…“

„Not now we gotta protect our energy.“

I am returning ro myself again and I make sure , I am going to remind myself most from now on and again as I remind you now:

Self-love is the best medicine.

Love means acceptance for what is right now.

I woke up at 4.30 am.

„Ja okehhh. Hehe.“

Acceptance for who you already are right now and for who you are becoming.

We are able to transform our minds.

You see?

My mind has changed.

And that´s on me.

Ya, thanks.

My issues are accepted.

I accept my inner struggles with myself.

I am human.

I am willing to feel. 

Willing to fly and take bigger risks in order to win.

I am not scared of my emotions.

I allow myself to feel.

My hope is bigger than my fears.

I know „we“ touched lives, Dimitra.

You are a true warrior.

Your weapon is love.

They still call me a psycho.

„We all are by the way. The biggest psycho is someone who is hiding and pretending to be normal. Like … well I am fine… well hehe I am fine. How was your childhood? Super.“

Yeah go suck a dick, liar.

Back to Dimitra, this old woman was my biggest supporter.

Hey look „Thenks metter for my lif, Alder.“

But stop telling me I am the problem.

I am great and you are lucky to know me.

Be grateful.

Don´t you see who I am becoming?

And even if not.

I know.

My father was texting me : „You gotta be happy Christina. No, I don´t have to. I am in between and than soziopaths are crossing my way. I am still hurt. I am a motherfucking hero. And happiness is a expensive tast. I choose inner safety. My heart is filled with joy anyway.“

Thanks George, for saying this yesterday:

„Art should not be understood by the mass.“

„I forgot to ask you…what you mean?“

„True, I am done with expalining … so my upcoming work is for my haters now.“

And you know:

I am fine im Austeilen :

„I kiss my haters on their foreheads and be like : yah, thank me later.“

„Can you teach me how to streetfight?“ (This goes out to one guy, I fell in love with and now I am struggling writing this. I can´t believe you entered my miserable life when I was sitting on the desk smoking and thinking „wtf am I doing here anyway“

I want you to know :

„No pressure. I lost already.“

„Die Worte die uns verbinden sind :

Fleiß, Disziplin, Liebe, Humor, Vertrauen und Zuversicht.

Cut off the snitches.

Pray for their healing and say „Adios Amiga , I gave you to many chances. I don´t see you changing. You are a big“notorischer Fuckhead.“

Is you trustable?

Cause if not.

Why am I wasting my time then?




Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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