„Why romance? I believe in healing love.“

„You don´t have to sit down with me. But u are going to read me. You are going to read me anyway. You don´t have to sit down and talk to me straight. But if you talk and start a dialogue , I won´t keep my mouth shut. How can I? I am offering my truth. My wisdom. My ideas. And my truth is warm and simple and almost childisch. I had to grow fast. I am a 28 year old child. You have no idea. I am strong, because I had, too. I am strong because I had to choose early. I don´t allow myself to look at the world as a victim. Because I am not. I am still alive. I am strong because I have to. Life is my biggest gift. And I won´t allow negativity to destroy the good inside of me. I won´t. Life is precious. I love creativity. My ideas are endless. And I love my mindset. I fell in love with my problems. Because, this world is filled with problems and with difficulties and with haters and with victims. I won´t be a victim. This is my decision. It does not matter what they say. It matters what I believe.“

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