„flowers of the universe.“

„we are communicating really fair now and friendly. that´s it. it shows how respectful we still are to eachother. that´s it. we understand our past issues and don´t give up our respect for each other. we both had traumatas. and i always tried to get through her. we still decided to seperate from each other so i am able to continue and able to focus on new periods. she told me, that she was scared of me because i was strong. she did not expect me to stand up again. after all that happened, she experienced my whole process with me. and she was shocked how strong i was. she was scared because she did not expect me to stand up again and again and again. i told her it´s about „acceptance and about not giving up“

my vision is pulling me into the right direction.

i am not scared of crying anymore, i am not scared of showing my emotions anymore, i am not scared of my story, i am communicating really fair now, i am not scared of what others might think, cause I know. my aggression was old pain and i am using my emotions creatively and experience changes. that´s it.“

„i am going to talk to a specialist about my theory.“

Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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