„pur, dominant, expressive.“

„yesterday a young woman was so free to let me know that it´s not right to yell. but what if my patience is bigger than there respect? she is still not aware of what she is saying. how can i keep up with hurtful sentences? i want her to understand that i have a soul. and that my heart was hurt to many times because i kept silent. i am willing to share my experiences so other women or men can reflect on it and choose for themselves. i kept silence because i felt guilty. i kept silence because i did not want them to feel guilty. but guilt is an aggression to ourselves. we are not guilty. we experienced painful things and we can be proud that we are still here trying our best to overcome our fears. we are not alone. we are sharing this life. so. give ur best and just see what happens. be aware of what you say and do. and if someone is disrespectful – put him back on place. and if you went to far – learn to apologize so you can free yourself and the other person´s guilt. we are synchronized.“

Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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