„respect and a good sense of humor.“

„stop laughing at people. start laughing with people.“

„i don´t say i am better. i said „i wanna become the best version of myself.“

„i won my own metamorphosis. i don´t confront others. i am confronting myself. i keep up with my own values.“

„they don´t have to understand me. i am who i am right now. and i don´t have to put myself in a box so strangers can feel comfurtable about themselves. no. i am living my creative truth and i can switch and change my words and i am allowed to spread my words and inspiration and i am willing to support spiritually, artistically and become whatever i want to be. i am not better. i never said i am better than any women out there.“

„human nature is like paradox. we all are. i don´t feel ashamed for my gifts. they are from heaven and sharing feels good. the moment they are requesting you, it sucks. cause the wanna figure out something that u might don´t even think of. if they want to prove you that u are wrong… it´s already sucking energy.“

„they invest their energy to prove themselves that u are not enough. we are enough. i am perfectly defect as you are. we are. no one and nothing is normal and nothing will ever be normal but seem normal if we want. what is normal? we can pretend and act normal. but we are not. of course i am talking for myself and soon i am going to to talk for us. like „we“ feels better than „i“.

„people who fucked around with me wanted something and used me. i won´t forget. i am willing to forgive for my freedom. but I won´t continue acting like i was your slave. i won´t. i got to keep up with my own „boundaries.“

„i said so, so i  do so.“

„is this your next goal?“ / „no, i just do it , i am a freestyler. hehe. ich forsche und experimentiere.“

„i love human nature and at the same time i know that there are so many dangerous people out there. we are scared of our egos. nothing else. scare to loose.“

„a winner is willing to loose. risk is risk. he is not afraid to loose in order to win. i am a bad looser. i got to say. but i am good in letting go and setting free. i am good in learning out of mistakes. i am patient. i am wise.“

Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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