„explanation: juxtapositions“

Substantiv, feminin [die]
  1. 1a.
    Zusammenrückung der Glieder einer syntaktischen Fügung als besondere Form der Wortbildung (z. B. ein achtel Liter zu: ein Achtelliter)
  2. 1b.
    bloße Nebeneinanderstellung im Unterschied zur Komposition, zur Zusammensetzung (z. B. englisch football game = Fußballspiel)


„i don´t want to seem perfect because perfection is a lie. we won´t ever be perfect. we can decide how we want to become and how we want to treat ourselves and others but we won´t ever reach perfection.“

„perfection is not possible. even if it seems perfect from outside. it´s not possible. perfection is a lie. my life is not better than your life. my job is not better than your job. my artistic life is not easier than your artist life. i am willing to fight for a better future and stay true to myself and closest friends around me , because i believe that we can all make it, set our goals and go for it and keep up togehter in a healthy way. that´s why i am writing. i am teaching my skills and i am offering my wisdom and knowledge. i believe that „self acceptance / self love“ can be teached and trained. We are able to return to ourselves and return to love – acceptance for what is can be trained – peace of mind through meditation / art work / etc“ 

as we hate ourselves we love ourselves. right? so we need to find a good balance and peace of mind can be „trained“ in different ways.

„i am returning to myself as i become concentrated and for example a man who knows to fight professional knows that if he wants to become a master of the master, he got to be teached and practice peace of mind and become a better thinker.“

I believe that „Muhammed Ali was a great thinker.“

I know I am a great / creative thinker. And at the same time I say – I know nothing. Because , I am not god. God is the highest intelligence. I am just a little piece of this big, big world.


Autor: Dimitra

Expressionist, Visual Artist, Creative Writer based in Athens, Greece.

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