„I just love what I do.“

„Sometimes life is good and sometimes life is tragic. I helped so many people all my life. Now I am focusing on creative art work , willing to continue teaching through writings and continue working as I want to. And if I decide to paint my butt pink I will. Okay? I do that because I love what I do, you know?“

„I wanted to stop the circle of jugmental thinking for myself. And my work is leading you to an more open minded world view. I thought , how can someone who experienced hard stuff – be judged in a way and ignored for such a long time. But for some it´s meant to be. Because not everyone is willing to heal. There are bad thinker out there. Not everyone is able to understand what I am saying.“

„i am a great listener but i know just a few who are good listeners and great thinker, too.  i am not willing to listen to everybody because not everybody is talking truthful. some people talk disrespectful. some people are hateful. some people are drama. some people are jealous. some people can´t handle me as a character. not everyone is willing to listen. some people don´t want me to succeed. some people don´t and that is a big part of my job now ,too.“

„and that is the way it is. as someone who is willing to stand up and speak for himself and say „hey stop“ he is choosing risk for saying „hey stop“. you gotta be brave enough to stand up for yourself and talk loud enough and not affraid to show the world who you are. that´s the difference.“

„when I met F. she was so inspired by my art work. she was talking about my old works. when i wrote out of pain. but today i am stronger. this is what i am saying. so you wanna prove me now, that I am a liar? because back then i was writing different and because today i am stronger and more powerful? Fuck you F. for real.“

„We are all growing. Don´t be afraid to feel what you feel. Accept it. And let it go. Return to yourself as often it´s necesary.“


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