„i am out“


„Artists for life. Vision for life. Love for life. Acceptance for life.“

„Truth always wins.“

„As long as I live I am willing to continue my work and my philosophical art work and my teaching work as a writer and personal developer, willing to collaborate in creative teams and work for humanity and heal through creative work. this is for us,  for artists , for humanity and I will always be the creative genius that i am. every woman is a creative genius. but if i talk for myself, people don´t like it. we are geniuses. we are and people deserve to heal from traumata’s. women are called goddesses. did you know that? we are close to god because we bring life to this earth. if you don´t understand my work , why are you reading me than? is your hate so big? or is it love? is it both? i am willing to move out and leave. this does not make sense and it will never ever make sense with her. this shit is not healthy. social media is a tool and social media is also „the worse idea for humanity. if i write for love, for values and for humanity, people hate me more than ever right? do you want me to jump on the stage and scream like kurt cobain and become a rockstar? i am a preacher. and i am human. i am authentic. i am real. i am saying what i am saying. not afraid because i know my truth. and everyone else who does not want me to succeed, i feel poor for you.“ 

„i think everyone is allowed to do whatever he / she wants to do out of life. why is it, that you think my life is better than yours? i am human. i am an artist. do i have to feel bad now? what makes you think, that my life and my concept is not meant for you? People don´t deserve my love. The mass is going nuts.“

this goes out to all women and to all men:

„be yourself. we as women are still „facettenreich.“ „aggression“ is an emotion and an emotion is necessary. my body is still shaking because this shit is going to far. she is attacking me non stop. and i am willing to tell the world and show the world who i am still. i am not afraid to give it all away, so i can become a greater version of myself. i am not.“

„the universe is guiding us. trust in the power of god. i am just a little peace of earth. there are worse problems out there. i am willing to forgive as long as I live. I am willing to focus on sound and I understand my colleagues better than ever now. one day i am going to teach young people and i make sure i am guiding you as good as i can if god wants me, i want it.“

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